About the British Tooling Series

Climbing Walls + Axes = Crazy Competitions

British Tooling is a series of climbing competitions held at UK Climbing walls in the lead up to the Scottish winter climbing season. It allows participants to hone their skills and strength while competing amongst some of the sport’s top climbers.

Our Mission

  • To promote and encourage a raise in technical standard of drytooling and mixed climbing through competition.
  • To introduce the activity to youth and new climbers.
  • To encourage British climbers to compete in the UIAA Ice World Cup
  • To work towards holding a UIAA World Cup event in British.


Round 1 - Rope Race - 12th November

Round 2 - King Kong - 26th November

Round 3 - Ice Factor - 17th December


Rope Race - Round 1


Name Score Climb Off
Emma Powell 130 1st
Rebekah Drummond 122 2nd
Caitlin Connor 85 3rd
Laura Illingworth 27


Name Score Climb Off
Adam Willison 150 1st
Alex Orlov 147 4th
Will Woodhead 147 2nd
Simon Ward 139 3rd
Dave Bowes 137 5th
John Roberts 124
Tom Wild 124
Robert Adie 112
David Clarke 102
Ciaran Mullan 102
Joe Saunders 97
Dave Barker 65
Adam Mccudden 37
Gerard West 20